This is my blog on the domain. Will try to update when time permits. This is mainly a vault for my experiments with photographs digitally manipulated with various photo/artistic softwares. All images are copyrighted by AG alias deepC (which is me). Photographs are collected from various sources including but not limited to; private family photos, Unsplash, Pixabay, Picjumbo, Public domain, Gratisography and others. They have all in common that the photos, images or cliparts are published without any strings and free of copyrights individually but published here in mixes and/or adjustments that are the intellectual property of AG (deepC).

Hope you enjoy this.

Apart from this I’m also the proprietor of which is where I do webdesign and webwork generally. I have some prominent Norwegian clients for which I have completely designed their websites and I also uphold the sites as their webeditor.